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September 24, 2011
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"It seems the place is called "The Forgotten Town", but the letter doesn't have a map or something to guide us…" says Layton, reading again the letter Luke brought to him. He and Luke are in the study, trying to figure out how to go to that mysterious place. But everything only leads them to a dead end.

"I don't know…the letter came two days before I started the trip. My father looked so pale when he saw it. Don't know why" says Luke, looking at the study. The entire place has changed a bit since he went out of London with his family, but not enough to not be recognized.
"Well, there's only one person who could know what is this place, or where it is: my mentor Andrew." Says Layton, putting the letter inside its envelope.  Luke nods, smiling, but in the moment he touches the door to go outside, someone enters so quickly, and hit Luke in the face with the door.

"Hello Professor! Sorry, I just wanted to pass by and say hello" says Flora, going into the room and with Layton. Layton looks a bit shocked, but more because of how is Luke now: sitting on the floor, with a hand over his nose.
Layton laughs a bit. "Hello Flora. It seems you made a little incident here." Says, looking at her first, and then at Luke.
A bit confused, Flora looks at where the professor is looking, and finds Luke still on the floor. "Oh my….I'm so sorry sir! I didn't want to…Luke?"

"Yeah…Hi Flora." Says, still touching his nose and getting up from the floor. But before he can do anything more, Flora runs to him and hugs him. "I missed you so much, Luke! When did you arrive? Today? How is it you are here? Are you having holidays? How much will you stay here?" says the girl, so happy.

"Wow, that's a lot of questions, hahaha" Says Luke, hugging back and then looking at her. He notices that she grew up like him, being now an elegant young woman, not the little girl anymore. Luke's cheeks turn a bit red, but soon he shakes his head and goes back to normal.

After talking a bit with Flora, and explaining to her some details of why he is here, Layton, Luke and Flora go to see Doctor Andrew. They go in the Laytonmobile, and after some minutes, they arrive at the building.

Andrew receives them with a quick hello, because he's studying some strange papers over his table.  "I hope we are not interrupting something important…" says Layton, adjusting his hat. But Andrew looks at him, and instead of a molested face, he shows a confused one. "Don't worry Hershel, actually, I find really fine that you came today. I have some things you must looks. Sincerely, I don't have a clue about this information…" says Andrew, leaving the professor to look at the papers over the doctor's table.

Layton goes to the table, and takes carefully some of them, since they are quite old. Looking at them, something shocks him. The papers talks about the Forgotten Town, the place that the group is trying to find.
"Doctor Andrew…this town…this is the place that was mentioned in the letter" says Layton, giving the letter that Luke brought to Andrew.

The doctor reads it, and then frowns a bit, closing his eyes and thinking. "It seems we have something really important here. The ability of the inhabitants of this town, and the lack of the name of it, makes me think that this is something we should investigate. I'm aware that some scientists have tried to find this strange ability in one of the possible descendants of the people who lived in the town, but since no one knows exactly what ability is, the search is quite hard to do…" says, still reading the letter once more.

"Yes…this may be a problem…" says Layton, trying to figure out what kind of ability is. Meanwhile, Luke and Flora are looking at both men, listening at every word they say. Luke tries to think too, but all this is something new for him, and he has no clue.
Flora is trying to think in something for help, but she doesn't have any thing to say about the whole situation.

Instead, she smiles and says. "Maybe the doctor has something about where to find the town in these old papers". The three look at her, and then Layton and Andrew look at the papers, looking for any clue about where the place is.
Luke looks at Flora, smiling. "Hey, you had a great idea, Flora" says to her. Flora looks at him and blushes a bit, smiling.

"You are right, Flora!" says all of sudden Layton "There's the location of the strange town. It's a bit far, but we can go in the Laytonmobile. Andrew, we will go to the Forgotten Town. If we find something about the mystery, I'll bring you the results of the investigation"
The doctor nods, and wishes them good luck. After telling them to be carefull with everything, looks how the Laytonmobile goes further and further in London streets. "I hope they'll be alright…"


Two days after they started the trip, and after being in two hotels to spend the night, they arrive at some mountains. The indication in the old papers shows this place as the entrance to the Forgotten Town, but there's no sign of a town in here, even ruins.

"What is it was just a prank, professor?" says Luke, a bit discouraged. Layton looks at the land between the mountains, and then back at the paper. In the paper there's a drawing about two mountains and a way in the middle of them. But there's no sign of the way in the valley between the mountains. Maybe the time erased it, or maybe…

"A puzzle. Surely the inhabitants of this town didn't want to everyone to come in, so they left a puzzle in this drawing only to allow the one who could resolve it." Says Layton, trying to solve the puzzle. Luke and Flora look too, trying to solve it.

The paper shows a way between the mountains, but there's no trace of it in reality. Layton leaves the car out of the road, and goes out of it, followed by Luke and Flora. Steps onto the place where the way should start. There's nothing strange in the grass. Layton then looks at the back of the paper, and notices a little text on it.

"The way will appear only if you believe in your best friend"

"Mmm…." Layton things, and hands the paper to Luke, to see if the boy can figure it out too. Flora looks around her, trying to find some clues.

"The way will appear only if you believe in your best friend…" thinks Layton, covering his mouth with his hand and closing his eyes to think. "Your best friend…" In his mind lot of images of people who he considers as his friends come and go, but no one of them is here, except of Luke and Flora. But they can't see the way, lees make it appear.

Suddenly, Layton opens his eyes surprised. The answer is quite easy, and he only needs something to make the way appear. Looks around him. "The are farms not so far from here, so there must be one of them walking around here." Says, looking for something.

Luke and Flora look at him, curious about what is he talking about. Suddenly, Layton smiles when he sees something in the direction where Luke and Flora are. Both of them look behind them, and find a dog looking back.

"Oh! Hi pal" says Luke, going where the dog is. The animal seems be happy to see them, moving his tail. Luke stays in front of him, and kneels down, approaching a hand to the dog's head. The animal seems satisfied with the touch, and let Luke caresses his head.

Layton goes with him, along with Flora, who stays beside the professor, and looking at the dog, laughing a bit.
"It seems our little friend is the answer to this puzzle. You best friend, and the best friend of every human, is the dog. Only a dog can smell the way that is covered by the grass. I wonder if he'll want to help us to find it." Says Layton, smiling.

"I'll ask if he can help us, professor" says Luke, and then looks at the dog, and starts to make strange noises, like barks, but softer, to the dog.
While he's asking the animal for help, and the dog understanding him, Layton sees the conversation between Luke and the dog a bit serious. But he smiles again once Luke gets up, smiling, and looks at him and Flora "he says he'll help us. I already said thanks to him, hehe"

"Oh, that will help us a lot. Thanks mister dog" says Layton, adjusting his hat and smiling at the dog, which looks back at him, moving happily his tail. Once Layton and the teens take some things from the car, the dog leads them into the valley, smelling the grass.
The way seems to do some turns, lot of them seems to not be very logical, but the group keeps following the dog. After fifteen minutes of walk, they arrive into an almost black town, covered with mist. The dog seems uneasy, and growls a bit at the place.

"It seems we arrived at our destination." Says Layton, whose face shows some interest in the abandoned town, but at the same time frowns at how the atmosphere is. Flora is a bit scared, and stays close to the professor and Luke. Luke just looks at the place, a bit surprised about the state of the town.

"This place…is really scary. Is like a ghost" says Flora, closer to Layton, and behind him. The dog growls a bit more, and the group looks at him. Luke kneels down in front of him, and asks in his animal language what happens. The dog barks a bit, and Luke frowns. After the dog finished, Layton asks to the boy "is something bothering him, Luke?"

The boy looks at Layton, not getting up yet. He has a serious face, like he has discovered something important and dangerous "Yes professor. This is The forgotten Town, and he tells me that everyone who goes in….disappears and doesn't come back again…"

Flora yells a bit, not so loud, and Layton put a very serious face, a bit worried. He came here to investigate about the Forgotten Town for two things: to discover what happened to it and its inhabitants, and to help Luke's parents. But it seems now the danger is over them, waiting for them to step inside.

Luke tells the dog to leave an go to a safe place. The animal seems to show a worried face to him, but Luke smiles and insist, thanking him again for leading them to the place. The dog goes all the way back to his house, and Luke gets up, going beside Flora.

The mist falls, and the night is taking place. The place goes darker and darker. Layton lights up a lantern, and points it to a sign in the entrance of the town.

"Welcome to Belle's Town." Says Layton. Flora hides behind him, scared, and Luke looks at the sign as well.

"Well…it seems we'll have to find a place to sleep until the morning. I'm sure that there will be a place to sleep, since this town doesn't look like ruins. Lets go, and don't get separated, alright?"

Luke and Flora nod, and then they go into the abandoned town. They find a hotel that is very well conserved, and go into it. Once they are inside the building, they decided to look for someone first, but not seeing anyone in the place, they decide to go into a room, and find one with three beds.

"We will have to sleep in the same room. I hope it doesn't discomfort you, Flora." Says Layton, worried about the girl, who is scared of the whole place. She looks back at him, and nods "Don't worry professor. It's not…a problem for me. I prefer to stay with both of you…sincerely…this place is so scary…"

Layton smiles, and put a hand over her shoulder. "Don't worry dear, if you are afraid of something, just tell us, alright? Luke and me are here with you, and we won't let anything hurt you. As gentlemen, we must protect a lady, don't you think?" says, adjusting his hat and smiling. Luke adjusts his hat too, smiling at her, trying to comfort her. Flora looks at both of them, and smiles. "Thank you" says softly.

After a bit, they go to sleep after having a quick dinner they brought from the Laytonmobile.
In the middle of the night, while they are sleeping, a strange and little figure opens the door to their room. Quietly and slowly, it goes to Luke's bed, climbing onto it.

The strange little creature looks at Luke in his sleep, and slowly, approaches a paw to the boy's face…

Here's the chapter 2!! Hope you like it x3

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
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Pretty good, and I liked Flora's role, seriously! :D
ReginaFelagie215 Sep 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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this is awesome so far ^^

Cannot wait for the next chapter!
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
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rsddfgdfrsrfssfrs OFCOURSEILIKE./bricked
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